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What is Learning Ant? Why Learning Ant?

"Learning Ant" is an idea incepted back in 2020 during Covid to make groundbreaking changes within the existing education system. Being from a humble background, our founder appreciated the opportunities he got as a student and wanted to give back to this society that had given so much to him. Alas, the path that the current players in the education system had taken didn't match his thought process. After much contemplation, he decided to pave a new path where "Guru-Sisya" culture would prevail over the modern money-minded corporate culture. So, "Learning Ant" was born.

Why the name Learning Ant?

Two basic traits of ants are always: 1. Hardworking (Ants are considered the hardest working insects in nature along with bees, they both work with great dedication to collect food & build their own homes.) 2. Smart (Ants have the largest brain among all insects) The best students also always show the same traits. So, we drew inspiration from Ants when we were deciding upon the name of an organisation that would change the landscape of the field of education. Hence the name, “Learning Ant”. As per our founder Murli Sir, Ants are always in “Jhukega Nahi” mode. So, students should also be like that and named a particular type, “Learning Ants”.

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Purpose of Learning Ant

The primary purpose of Learning Ant is to help everyone get equal opportunities to get affordable and quality education. Our three fundamental pillars are: 1. Authentic education for all 2. Accessible education to all 3. Quality education for all


+91 89360 40694

Kolkata Epicentre:

2nd floor, 110/1/1A, Dr Lal Mohan Bhattacharya Rd, Entally, Kolkata - 700014

Kharagpur Epicentre:

2nd Floor, Above Apex Medical Hall, Chota Tengra, Kharagpur, West Bengal 721301

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