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Fighting for a social cause: Education


Learning Ant is an educational organisation that helps students learn and grow in a conducive environment. We believe knowledge should be available to all and try to make it more accessible so everyone can get an equal opportunity to grow.


As a result, Learning Ant is quickly becoming popular among students and parents. We're bringing in engaging, exciting and thought-provoking ways to improve study time & quality for students in online, offline & hybrid modes.

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Cardiac Cycle | Human Heart | Cardiac Output | NEET | CBSE | Class 11 Biology

Cardiac Cycle | Human Heart | Cardiac Output | NEET | CBSE | Class 11 Biology

Are you struggling to understand the Cardiac Cycle topic in your CBSE or NEET syllabus? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the intricacies of the Cardiac Cycle and help you master this critical topic. Starting with the basics, we'll explain the structure and function of the heart, its various chambers, and how they work together to pump blood throughout the body. We'll then delve into the Cardiac Cycle, covering the two phases - systole and diastole - and their respective sub-phases. Using detailed explanation, we'll walk you through each stage of the Cardiac Cycle, including atrial and ventricular contraction, the opening and closing of heart valves, the movement of blood through the pulmonary and systemic circulation and Cardiac Output. Throughout the video, we'll also provide tips and tricks for remembering key concepts and terminology, as well as common mistakes to avoid when answering exam questions. Whether you're a CBSE or NEET student, this guide is a must-watch for anyone looking to excel in their Cardiac Cycle studies. So hit that play button and get ready to ace your exams! #neet #neetpreparation #neet2023 #cbse #biology checkout more videos: - Muscle contraction Neural control and coordination ionic equilibrium Facebook Id Instagram ID :-


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